This polar bear looks like he's sleeping, but he was actually rolling around, apparently scratching his back on the concrete.

I recently posted a story and some photographs on the Oregon Zoo at, an online magazine site I run with a friend. Thought I’d post a few more photos from that day here. There’s a little bit of overlap, but if you want to see the rest of the shots, click here.

They're called Colobus Monkeys, but they look like a couple of grumpy old men to me.

Speaking of animals that resemble people (or is it the other way around?), doesn't the De Brazza's Monkey resemble an old philosopher with a goatee?

Unable to find or remember the name of this bird. Anybody know?

Hard enough to get a penguin to sit still for a photo, let alone keep him from blinking every time I pressed the shutter button...

A Lorikeet, covered with some of the food it had been eating.

I loved this goat, sitting up on a barrel, staring around at everyone.

Eagle Canyon's main viewing area is a small room with an open window. I can't figure out why the birds never try to get at the people in there. These two eagles are rehabilition birds that are cared for by the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife ...

... this one's missing its right eye. The photograph was taken from the path behind the Eagle Canyon exhibit. I could just see the birds through a gap in the trees and the black netting on the back of their enclosure.