We took a quick trip over to Hendricks Park today, to catch the rhododendrons while they’re in bloom. Still a bit chilly out late in the day to really enjoy it, and the fading sunlight was mostly blocked out by all those tall oak and fir trees; these shots definitely would’ve benefited from a little bit more sun. I wanted to snap a few shots, anyway, though, to try out my 250 mm lens a little more and play around with depth of field a bit. I’m learning, much too slowly for my taste, but it’s coming along.

I really love taking these tight shots and am definitely going to try to learn more about macro photography. I tried a few that *almost* worked, and a few others that didn’t work at all, but here are the ones I thought turned out OK. As usual, there’s very minimal color correction and Photoshop tweaking, mostly because I don’t know enough yet to really mess around with it. I did some basic sharpening and slight contrast adjustments, and that’s about it. The second image (just below) is close-but-not-quite what I was trying to do, but it came out close enough that I decided to post it anyway. Definitely looking forward to going back and trying some of these again in some afternoon light before the rhodies go away for the year.

As always, I appreciate any tips/feedback.