We were lucky to come across this White Nosed Coati while riding ATVs in Peppersauce Canyon near Oracle, Ariz., the other day. There were two of them foraging in the brush next to the road we were on, and our quad startled them…I just barely killed the engine and pulled my camera out of the pack when they started to run away, one of them crossing the trail just 25 yards in front of us. I snapped a few pictures before the animal bolted up around the bend and disappeared among the sycamore trees. Pretty cool to come across one in the wild.


Barrel Cactus bearing fruit. I haven’t tried it yet, but the fruit is apparently pretty good, tart like a lemon.


This is Jet, taking a snack break. He was kind enough to carry me around the desert for several miles the other day.


This rabbit was a little wary of me, but hardly flinched and never stopped chewing on the leaf as I crept closer.


Mesquite tree at sunset.