Oregon tight end Ed Dickson celebrates in front of UO fans after Saturday night’s 44-41 double-overtime victory over the Wildcats at Arizona Stadium in Tucson, Ariz.

Arizona fans poured onto the field on the UA sideline with the Wildcats up 31-24 and Oregon driving in the final minute of regulation. The Ducks scored to tie it up at 31 and send the game to overtime…and send the students clamoring to get back into the stands. Most of them just watched the remainder of the game from the field, despite the PA announcer’s repeated requests that they return to their seats.

An Oregon fan drew some boos — and projectiles — from Arizona fans as he held up this sign while walking up to his seat before the game. My brother, Aaron, told the guy to put his sign down, and said “come on, represent our school better than that.” The guy replied that he was an Arizona resident and was just doing it as a joke. But nobody in the area found it very funny.

The east side of Arizona Stadium before kickoff.